Camilla Sherr | Insectaway Acute


for acute insect infestations, spray the plants.

[Staphysagria, ledum, sabadilla, Cimicifuga]

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Camilla Sherr is a co-founder of AgriHomeopathy together with her husband Jeremy Sherr. After many years of experimenting with different remedies, she developed a range of remedies to treat Farms, Gardens, and plants. Camilla started to create these product to help farmers in Tanzania who have no way of learning about homeopathy and yet they could use the products no problem. She works with a Coffee farm who was converting from traditional to Organic Farming, and the results were very successful. Homeopathy treats the individuals by collecting a range of symptoms and matching them to a remedy from the Agrihomeopathy range. however, Plants don’t talk to us so by trial an error she started gathering information asking, ‘what is wrong with this plant?’. With Agrihomeopathy we treat every stage of the plant life. Balanced Soil – by adding minerals like Phosphorus, Nitrogen, potassium & Boron in homeopathic potency to the soil, we can balance the soil deficiencies. Seedlings by using this product to support your seeds by making the Germination rates higher. If you add Bloom to your flower vase or spray on your plants they will bloom full and vibrant. Fungaway to treat harmful fungus infestation on your plants and Insectsaway Acute and Chronic to help your plants to become resistance against insect infestation. To Hot & Frozen will protect your plant from extreme weather. Rooted will have your seeds to get good roots, Plant Tonic & Grow well for strong healthy plants, Recover will help the plant to recover from a traumatic event such as replanting or moving into a new place or Injury.


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