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This essence was asked for by a little boy because he felt that he had problems with anger. He didn’t know how to express his angry feelings and he said that they would just burst out of him. He didn’t like that and neither did anybody around him so he asked for an essence that would help him to express his angry feelings in a rational way.

The colour blue on the label of the Chill bottle is often associated with the throat area. Chill helps you unblock the throat area so that you can express these feelings. Anger is a normal emotion. However, if anger is blocked or suppressed then it can become a problem. When you feel angry, express your feelings reasonably and rationally on a regular basis, then the anger doesn’t build up into a torrent.

Adults also use Chill to help them deal with out of control anger in situations like :

• road rage
• giving up smoking
• domestic arguments

I often recommend Chill when a family is going through a difficult period. You can take some drops of the Chill essence and put them into a bowl of water in your kitchen or your dining area and that will help to disperse this calming, healing energy throughout the house.

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Essences are

a form of vibrational healing which simply means using the vibration of something to help yourself heal.

We all do this unconsciously. For example, have you ever noticed yourself drawn to ‘good vibrations’ when you feel upset, like your favourite dog or a special place ? These calming vibrations can help you rebalance and feel better.

Using essences is a similar, more conscious way of bringing peace and balance back into your life.

Contains :

Calcite – to help you protect your dream
Chrysocolla gem silica – to help you be able to express youself
Ruby & kyanite 2 – to help you balance your female or yin energy
Selenite – to help you soften up and release blocked energy
Sugulite – to help you feel safe
Love – to help you keep your heart open in the face of conflict
Diamond light – to help you see the situation from a higher perspective


Distilled water, vodka (Abv.20%) and the following essences in a 15ml/1/2oz dropper bottle with tamper evident dropper top.


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