Indigo Essence | Rise and Shine


This essence is to remind you, as soon as you open your eyes in the morning, to focus on new potentials instead of looking back at the way life used to be.

Lots of tools for creating a new paradigm are available to us now, all it takes is for us to keep the new paradigm and all potentials in our focus on a daily basis.

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Essences are

a form of vibrational healing which simply means using the vibration of something to help yourself heal.

We all do this unconsciously. For example, have you ever noticed yourself drawn to ‘good vibrations’ when you feel upset, like your favourite dog or a special place ? These calming vibrations can help you rebalance and feel better.

Using essences is a similar, more conscious way of bringing peace and balance back into your life.

Rise & Shine contains a mix of the following essences: Champion, New Energy 3, New Energy 6, Pop, Diamond Light, Is-ness, Safe, Bubble of Love, Gratitude, Live & Let Live, Pink 1, Pink 6, Pink No 9 Shungite.

in a 15ml/1/2oz dropper bottle of distilled water and vodka (ABV 20%).

This is stock strength and should be diluted before use.


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