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The works can be used in an emergency, like a rescue remedy, it will help to balance and stabilize you while you figure out what you need to do to improve your situation.  The works can be particularly useful for people who are so stressed they feel like ending it all.

The Works is particularly useful for teenagers too, for that time when a child is closing off, a time that is very scary for parents because they can’t communicate – there is no fighting anymore, no arguments but the child is getting more and more distant and the parent doesn’t know what to do – they don’t know how to communicate, they can’t get a response.

Spray it around the house or put some into a bowl of water so the whole house gets this essence.

If a child is shut down, when they take this essence an outburst of anger and rage may follow. It is important that you and your child work through this anger together so that you can find out what is really bothering them and work together to make things better.

This essence is not a replacement for qualified professional help.

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Essences are

a form of vibrational healing which simply means using the vibration of something to help yourself heal.

We all do this unconsciously. For example, have you ever noticed yourself drawn to ‘good vibrations’ when you feel upset, like your favourite dog or a special place ? These calming vibrations can help you rebalance and feel better.

Using essences is a similar, more conscious way of bringing peace and balance back into your life.

Azurite – to help get energy flowing again
Calcite – to help remember your dream
Charoite – to help find a way through fears
Chrysocolla-gem-silica – to help speak from the heart
Fluorite – to help change old patterns
Hematite – to help ground and feel protected
Isis – to help balance
Kyanite – to help focus
Hiddenite kunzite – to help ground and feel joyful again
Lepidolite – to help take pressure off
Pyrite – to help know what is real and what is not
Selenite – to help soften up and let go of blockages
Sugulite – to help feel safe
No 8 – to help stay in the present

Distilled water and the following essences in a 15ml/1/2oz dropper bottle with tamper evident dropper top.



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